We have to frequently connect to remote windows machines and we mostly depend on the Remote Desktop application. Even though most cases it works fine and you can use the remote machine just like your machine, some times the local machine taskbar refuse to hide and gets displayed over the remote machine task bar.

That is such a frustrating experience! Whatever you do, the local task bar won’t hide. Sometimes we have to make the taskbar auto-hide which is even more frustrating that it pops-up every now and then.

Here’s a quick solution.

In a situation where the local task bar is displayed over the remote desktop taskbar,

  1. Minimize Remote desktop window using Minimize button on the top of Remote desktop window.
  2. Press the Windows key on keyboard to open the start menu.
  3. Now click the Remote desktop on task bar to open and maximize it again.
  4. Bingo! the local task bar is hidden.

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