The web-inf have lot of information including the logs. We can move this folder outside of the root and name it accordingly. The following two posts will help in the task.

Securing /WEB-INF/ by moving it outside of the web root

  • Create a subfolder called “web-contexts” within D:\Lucee\
  • Launch your favorite text editor as a local Administrator and open D:\Tomcat\conf\web.xml
  • Locate the section near the end of the configuration which reads <servlet-name>CFMLServlet</servlet-name>
  • Locate the <init-param> section which contains <param-name>lucee-web-directory</param-name>
  • Replace the <param-value> with D:\Lucee\web-contexts\{web-context-label}
  • Restart the Tomcat service

Directory Placeholders

A note on {web-context-label}

  • If you have configured Lucee to generate the configuration directories using the {web-context-hash}, you may have wished that the resulting hashed directories were a little more readable. You’ll end up with a list of directories named with a hash value that is 32 bytes long. This is far from readable.
  • Therefore, in Lucee 3.3, we introduced a new directory placeholder: {web-context-label}. Now you have the opportunity to use a label as a path to the configuration files for each web context. In order to use this label, you need to define it in every lucee-web.xml.cfm in every configuration directory.
  • As of Lucee final, you can update the {web-context-label} through the Server Administrator. After you’ve logged in to [domain]/lucee/admin/server.cfm, you will see a section marked “Web Contexts” at the bottom of the page. Here you can modify your labels and click the update button to save the changes.

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